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Zoomerang: VBS-2022!

G’day mate! Grab your sunnies (that’s your sunglasses) and get ready for a Bonzer (great) time as we zoom off to the Land Down Under! Boomerangs, kangaroos, koalas, emus – what’s not to love about Oz (Australia)? At VBS will fill your breadbasket (tummy) with yummy lollies (sweets) And find out how you were created […]

Rite of Passage

Part 1 Video What is it? Pastors Nick Glatzer & Mark Brungard of Church of the Rock give an overview of the “Coming of Age Ceremony”. Part 2 Video What does it Look Like? Pastor Mark & Kari Brungard share their experience with planning and hosting a “Coming of Age” party for each of their […]